A Message from the CEO

Medi/Nuclear® has been a leader in diagnostic lung imaging systems since it was founded in 1973. Through extensive research and testing, collaborative partnerships, and perseverance, we have been advancing aerosol delivery technology for over forty years. Our commitment to improving healthcare for the patient and providers is the driving force behind our innovations.


The expansion of healthcare access, combined with the need to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes, requires a new framework, in which technology plays an important role. The status quo is no longer sufficient. Healthcare technologies must reflect this new outcomes-oriented healthcare paradigm by reducing both economic and human costs.


By considering the needs of the key players in nuclear medicine, namely physicians, technologists, and patients, we have designed our lung imaging systems to address each of their specific needs. Our expertise in aerosol system development allows us to combine the generation of fine particles (MMAD .28 µm) for delivery to the alveolar region of the lungs with advanced safety features to reduce the risk of human and environmental radiation contamination. Additionally, our lung imaging systems save time by providing unparalleled image quality, rapid patient dosing, minimal maintenance requirements, and enhanced patient compliance. A wide array of configurations and purchasing options allow our lung imaging systems to meet the unique needs of each customer.


Medi/Nuclear® will continue to provide innovative, high-quality lung imaging systems to advance aerosol delivery technology, thereby meeting essential needs of the new healthcare paradigm. Our commitment to improving healthcare is our inspiration for remaining the leader in diagnostic lung imaging systems for many more years to come.


Suzanne J. Hammersmith, CEO