About Us

Medi/Nuclear® Corporation is a privately held, veteran-owned company located in Baldwin Park, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles.  Medi/Nuclear® is recognized as a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of radioaerosol delivery systems for pulmonary ventilation studies in nuclear medicine. Its patented Aero/Vent™ and Insta/Vent™ series are among the best-selling radioaerosol delivery systems currently used in Nuclear Medicine.  Medi/Nuclear® currently holds 16 medical device patents.

Medi/Nuclear® began as a two person operation, in 1973.  In 1977, production began on Xe-133 gas and the Xeno/Cal™ Xenon Calibrator.  This was followed in 1979 with the introduction of the Xenon/Master® Patient Delivery System.  In 1987, the Aero/Vent™ + Plus Radioaerosol Delivery System was introduced.  It features the delivery of fine particles, over 97% of which are less than 1 micron in size.  This has been accomplished through the efforts of our own in-house research staff and the clinical assistance of major medical centers. The Insta/Vent™, was introduced in 1998 and combines speed of delivery (half the typical inhalation time) with the fine particle distribution of the Aero/Vent™.  Now available as a two-tube system, the Insta/Vent™ Plus, is rapidly becoming the device of choice in many of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals. Making use of the existing small particle nebulizer, and two-tube delivery technology, Medi/Nuclear’s® newest radioaerosol delivery system is the Aero/Vent™ Jr.  This cost effective system is available in either a pole-mount or tabletop version and delivers a desirable patient dose in less than three minutes of patient inhalation time.

Medi/Nuclear® Corporation has grown and thrived over the years based on the development, manufacture and distribution of the highest quality radioaerosol products for use in nuclear medicine.  Medi/Nuclear® will continue to manufacture in the United States and grow as it provides new and innovative products for the healthcare industry.

Mission Statement

We are passionate about promoting cost-effective and quality healthcare through better technology.  We demonstrate this mission through the research, development, and manufacture of innovative, high quality, value-based lung imaging products that are extremely effective, while maintaining the safety of the patient and the caregiver.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

Medi/Nuclear® Corp. is committed to improving healthcare through better technology that supports the safety of the patient, as well as caregivers, including technicians, nurses, and doctors.  Our innovative lung imaging systems provide high quality, low radiation images to help doctors accurately identify lung disorders to help improve patient outcomes and reduce radiation exposure (as compared to other imaging methods (e.g., CT)).  The quick administration time to obtain images also enhances patient compliance for safe and effective lung scanning.  Additionally, our lung imaging systems include a variety of unique safety features to reduce pathogens and radiation contamination to the patient, caregiver, and the environment.  At Medi/Nuclear®, we believe that better healthcare requires a holistic approach; we focus on the device, the people, and the outcomes.