Aero/Vent™Jr. Radioaerosol Lung Imaging System

Quality doesn’t have to be costly with the Aero/Vent™ Jr. Radioaerosol Lung Imaging System.  The cost-effective Aero/Vent™ Jr. is a two-tube system that quickly and safely provides clear images.  The Aero/Vent™ Jr. produces over 97% of particles under 1 micron, to maximize peripheral penetration, while eliminating unwanted tracheal deposits and “hot spots.” The benefits and cost savings of rapid delivery, as well as built-in convenience features, makes the Aero/Vent Jr. truly a  “value-based” product.


Full patient dosing in less than 3 minutes with excellent 100k-150k count image in just 1 minute.


Aero/Vent™ Jr. radioaerosol kits come standard with HEPA filter to trap 99.9% of contaminants. 


In addition to rapid delivery, radioaerosol kits include an expandable 6 in. to 24 in. flexi-tube for easy positioning in the upright or supine position and choice of mouthpiece or air-filled facemask.


The Aero/Vent™ Jr. is suitable for any adult patient, including ventilator dependent patients (with the Aero/Vent™ Jr.  Radioaerosol Kit for Ventilator Dependent Patients (#AV-100HV)). 


The Aero/Vent™ Jr. Lead Shield can be used in a variety of settings: