Insta/Vent™ Plus Radioaerosol Lung Imaging System

For the Nuclear Medicine physician, image is everything.  In critical diagnostic decisions, nothing compares to the quality and multi-view versatility of the aerosol Tc-99m-DTPA lung imaging.  For speed and image sensitivity, nothing else matches the Insta/Vent™ Plus Radioaerosol Lung Imaging System.

With over 97% of particles under 1 micron, the Insta/Vent™ Plus eliminates the problems of central airway deposition, clumping, and “hot spots”, while maximizing peripheral penetration for the sharpest, clearest images. 


Full patient dosing in less than 2 minutes with excellent 100k-150k count image in just 1 minute.


Rapid dose delivery saves technician time and improves patient compliance.  The no-valve design also reduces waste of Tc-99m-DTPA. 


The Insta/Vent™ Lead Shield meets all safety standards.  The Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece seals immediately after patient use, minimizing potential radiation spread and contamination.  Insta/Vent™ Plus radioaerosol kits come standard with HEPA filter to trap 99.9% of contaminants. 


No-valve design for unrestricted breathing and an expandable 6 in. to 24 in. flexi-tube for easy positioning in the upright or supine position.


The Insta/Vent™ Plus is suitable for any adult patient, including ventilator dependent patients (with the Insta/Vent™ Radioaerosol Kit for Ventilator Dependent Patients (#IV-600V)).  The Insta/Vent™ Lead Shield may be used with the single-tube Insta/Vent™ radioaerosol kits, the two-tube Insta/Vent™ Plus radioaerosol kits, or the Insta/Vent™ Radioaerosol Kit for Ventilator Dependent Patients (#IV-600V).


The Insta/Vent™ Lead Shield can be carried by hand, or used with the Insta/Vent™ Mobile Cabinet (#IV-603) or the Universal Mobile Cabinet (#UV-204).