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Insta/Vent™ Plus Radioaerosol Lung Imaging System

Insta/Vent Plus Radioaerosol Lung Imaging System #IV-600P
Insta/Vent Plus Radioaerosol Lung Imaging System #IV-600P


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  • Product Overview
  • Radioaerosol Kit Features and Specifications
  • Special Kit for Ventilator Dependent Patients
  • Airflow Diagram
  • Lead Shield Features and Specifications
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Product Overview


The two-tube Insta/Vent™ Plus has it all!  As the upgraded Insta/Vent™, dosing can now be done in just 1-2 minutes and SPECT imaging can be performed.  Fine particles, of which almost half are nano-size, virtually eliminate tracheal deposition and 'hot spots', and provide outstanding radiotracer distribution and images of unsurpassed quality.  Insta/Vent™ Plus's unidirectional airflow puts an end to single tube breathing resistance, thereby assisting shallow breathers, enhancing compliance and improving throughput of critical patients.  Radioaerosol kits come complete with a choice of Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece, air-cushioned face mask or specially made for ventilator dependent patients.  The exclusive Insta/Vent™ Plus's conserving reservoir, internal airflow control mechanism, proprietary nebulizer, and unidirectional airflow provide results that can't be matched and make it a leader in the industry, and the recommendation of physicians, radiologists and nuclear technicians alike.  Free trial, training materials and Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) are available. 


Still available is the single tube Insta/Vent™.  Those customers using this product are encouraged to experience Insta/Vent™ Plus's rapid delivery or the special kits for ventilator dependent patents at no charge.  Contact us today for a free trial.






Insta/Vent™ Plus Radioaerosol Kit



Features and Benefits

  • Conserving reservoir, internal airflow control mechanism and unidirectional airflow allows dosing to be done in just 1-2 minutes
  • Excellent 100k-150k count image in just 1 minute.
  • Rapid delivery allows SPECT to be performed.
  • Kits with unidirectional airflow reduce breathing resistance to assist shallow breathers and improve patient comfort and compliance.
  • Unidirectional airflow prevents hygroscopic growth, thereby maintaining the optimal particle size (0.28µM) for superior radiotracer distribution, resulting in images of unsurpassed quality.
  • Lead shield may be used on a table top or with the proprietary Insta/Vent™ Mobile Cabinet or Universal Mobile Cabinet™. 
  • HEPA filter with 99.9% trapping efficiency.
  • Two-piece, scuba-style Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece provides a secure seal around the mouth and is covered immediately after patient use to minimize risk or exposure and contamination.
  • Tubing expands from 6-24 inches for easy patient positioning upright or supine.
  • Radioaerosol kits come complete with choice of scuba-style Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece or air-cushioned face mask.
  • Special kits for ventilator dependent patients are available in a small case quantity.
  • Easy set-up and operation.
  • Activity required: 40 mCi in a minimum of 2 mL.
  • Kits may be purchased individually, by the case or at a reduced price for 2 or more cases.
  • Lead shield available at no charge with opening order of just 48 kits.
  • Free, no obligation trial available.

 Insta/Vent Set-Up


Nebulizer:                                            Medi/Nuclear® NEB-3A+ Jet Nebulizer

Nebulization Rate:                               0.16 mL/min

Standard Flow Rate:                           10 L/min

Max. Reservoir Volume:                      6 mL

Working Reservoir Volume:                 2 mL

MMAD:                                                0.28 micron

Particle Size Distribution:                    <0.2µM                        40.8%

                                                            0.2µM to 1.0µM           57.1%

                                                            1.0µM to 5.0µM           2.1%

                                                            ˃5.0µM                        0

Filter:                                                   HEPA with 99.9% efficiency

Breathing Bag:                                    Latex free.

Number of Tubes:                               Two, providing unidirectional airflow

Tubing:                                                Flexible tubing expands from 6 to 24 inches  

Patient Interface:                                 Scuba-style Safety Shield™ or air-cushioned face mask




Insta/Vent™ Kit for Ventilator Dependent Patients


 Insta/Vent Kit for Ventilator Dependent Patients

Special radioaerosol lung imaging kits for patients on ventilators fit all standard 15mm endotracheal and tracheotomy tubes.  Kits come complete and are used with the standard Insta/Vent™ lead shield.  Contact us for a free trial and training materials.





Insta/Vent™ Plus Airflow Diagram

Insta/Vent Airflow Diagram

  • As a patient inhales, medication from the nebulizer moves through the top tube and into the mouthpiece.
  • When the patient exhales, an internal airflow control mechanism closes and exhalation is directed through the bottom tube and into a HEPA filter.
  • During exhalation, air continues to flow through the nebulizer into a breathing bag, which acts as a reservoir to store aerosol that would normally be wasted during exhalation.
  • When the next breath is taken, the patient immediately inhales the medication that has filled the top tube and also the medication from the breathing bag.




Insta/Vent™ Lead Shield



The Insta/Vent™ lead shield may be used with the single tube Insta/Vent™ kit, the two tube Insta/Vent™ Plus kit, or the special kit for ventilator dependent patients. This portable lead shield may be used on a table top or with the proprietary Insta/Vent™ Mobile Cabinet or the Universal Mobile Cabinet™


Features and Benefits

  • Shield completely lead lined at or above recommended levels.
  • Lead cylinder inside shield surrounds nebulizer for extra protection.
  • Lead lined nose piece provides additional protection at mouthport opening.
  • Barbed oxygen hose connection secures oxygen tubing to minimize possibility of leakage.
  • Secure-fit oxygen tubing is extra tight to ensure a reliable airflow and more consistent results.
  • Internal pressure port for convenient kit installation.
  • Powder coated exterior for ease of cleaning.
  • Handle for ease of carrying.
  • Rubber feet protect surfaces.
  • Use on table top or with proprietary Insta/Vent™ Mobile Cabinet or Universal Mobile Cabinet.
  • Lead shield available at no charge with opening order of just 48 radioaerosol kits.



Material:         Aluminum with Powder Coating.

Weight:           21 lbs.

Dimensions:   10 1/8 in. L x 8 in. W x 13 in. H

Lead Lining:   1/16 in. interior sides.

                       1/8 in. under lid.

                       1/8 in. internal cylinder.

                        Lead lined nose piece.


 Insta/Vent Set-Up for Ventilator Dependent Patients




Ordering Information 


Model No.

                           Product Description



InstaVent™ Kit, with Single Tube, HEPA Filter and scuba-style Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece



Insta/Vent™ Kit with Single Tube, HEPA Filter and Air-Cushioned Mask                    



InstaVent™ Kit for Ventilator Dependent Patients



Insta/Vent™ Plus Kit with Two Tubes, HEPA Filter and scuba-style Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece



Insta/Vent™ Plus Kit with Two Tubes, HEPA Filter and Air-Cushioned Mask



Insta/Vent™ Lead Shield



Oxygen Tubing with Secure-Fit Connector, 7 ft.



Insta/Vent™ Mobile Cabinet



Universal Mobile Cabinet™